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In addition to preparing for the ceremony and reception of their special day, many bride and groom are intimidated by the thought of writing thank you notes after. Providing personalized notecards is often considered as one of the daunting tasks that no married couple can do without.
Writing personalized notecards that convey your gratitude is amongst the very important tasks that you need to undertake. It may not be that easy, but sending thank you notes to all your guests for their attendance and gifts should not be scary. Instead, you can make life easier for you by planning beforehand your note card printing.

For gifts received during the bridal shower and pre-wedding events, thank you notes should be written and sent two weeks after. On the other hand, for gifts received during the actual wedding, thank you notes should be completed within 3 months, if possible. Not only are the names of those who gave the gifts would still be fresh in your mind, but the recipients of your personalized notecards will appreciate the quick response of gratitude from your end.

For an easier time of creating your note card printing, determining what should be included in your notecards can help you a great deal in writing them. Here are the elements that should be included in your thank you notes, as well as some examples to help you jumpstart your note card printing:

The Salutation –

“Dear Mr. and Mrs. Johnson,”
“Dear Aunt Bertha and Uncle Fred,”

Personal Remark/Reference –

“Chris and I were so happy that you could come to our wedding!”

“We really appreciate the thoughtfulness of your gift.”

“We are sorry to miss your presence during the ceremony. Nevertheless, we are grateful for the gift you sent us. We appreciate your thoughtfulness.”

Expressing gratitude (include the specific gift’s name) –

“Thank you so much for the dinnerware set you gave us. It is simply beautiful.”

“Thank you for the wine set you gave us. It’s simply gorgeous!”

Expressing your plan to use the gift –

“Your crystal decanter is now prominently displayed in the wine bar.”

Express gratitude again –

“Again, thank you so much for your gift.”

“Thank you for being part of our very special day.”

Closing –

“With warm regards, Anna Davis”

“Sincerely, Jenna Scott”

Other suggested closings –

Regards, Gratefully, Fondly, Yours Truly, Affectionately, Warmest Regards.

Lastly, do not forget to include your signature, as well as the date of your personalized notecards. Place the date at the lower corner of the card.

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