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Pad printing is generally a simple process. Designing notepads is as easy as designing your custom flyers and postcards. The only difference is when you design these collaterals, you are actually providing your target clients with enough space to write on their notes. The design is basically limited, that is why you need to consider the parts of pad printing where you can work on.

When designing your pad printing, you have to consider the following:

Formal Header
Notepads have the formal header as the most basic design element in custom pad printing. This is generally located at the top of the custom notepads. They look a lot like the headers used for official letters, memos and legal documents.

Of course, they are the first elements that your target clients will read about your company. That is why the formal header is where you see the business logo, as well as a few details and contact information. It is also the most popular area in your notepad printing precisely for design purposes.

Ending Signature
If you have the logo up there to identify your company, the ending signature on the other hand, identifies the person who owns the notepad. It usually appears as the person’s signature or official logo found at the bottom of each page. It may or may not include contact details; but most of the time, ending signatures provides the person’s specialization and designation. Examples are doctors’ pads, as well as legal notepads.

If you are looking at designing a more personal and customized notepad, the ending signature is the best part of the notepad to put your design.

Borders and Writing Lines
The borders and writing lines can be as simple as ordinary lines to form a margin on your notepads. Or it can be as elaborate as curves and accents. A few companies even put their slogan as borders.

This is where you can add a personal touch so your target clients can easily identify your type of business. Your borders and writing guide lines can be graphics and images that clearly identify your company from the rest of the competition.

Watermarks are welcome additions to your pad printing that can brand your collateral as your company’s distinct marketing tool. A faded and subtle image is printed lightly onto the surface of each page of your notepad. It can either be your logo design, a crest, your company’s name, and even a picture of your family. Usually, the print is so light that your target clients can write their messages onto it without having to skip the pictures.

The design is printed lightly to fill in an otherwise blank page in your pad. Remember though to avoid using an image that can plainly be seen on the page. Used as a light background, the watermarks can be used to keep each page from looking bland and boring.

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