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Here are some surefire ways to blow your marketing campaign:

1. Create your advertising campaign yourself.

Sure, you can do it. Who needs a professional anyway? You are just going to pay for it immensely and would only be left with unsatisfactory results just because your color printing company was not able to provide you with your expectations. Or that your graphic designer did not do a good job the last time you hired one.

No matter. The reason why you are hiring a pro to do it is because they are experts in their field as you are with your business. If you want to have an ad that is oozing with professionalism and expertise, then better hire someone who knows what he or she¢s doing. Believe me. You will be able to save more money, than getting someone later to correct what you have totally botched up because you wanted to save on your costs.

2. Pay no attention to your target audience when you create your ad campaign.

You do not want your target clients involved then don¢t even think about starting your ad campaign. In the first place, the reason why you are doing this is because of your target market primarily. It would not work at all if you totally ignore them. Professional marketers and expert advertisers will tell you that in order for you to have a successful marketing campaign you have to identify first your prospects before you begin any kind of work in your campaign.

3. Do not plan; just take hold of the bull by the horns and go for it.

Just go ahead and start your advertising campaign. Everything will fall into place anyway. And do not even think about your budget or the right places where you can promote your stuff. You will just see where your campaign leads you.

Well, it will definitely lead you to failure. If you want to blow it big time, then the way to do it is to not plan your moves. This is the foremost idea in marketing: you need a well conceived plan if you want to be successful. And if you want to save what you have in your budget, then you better plan fast. You would not want to waste your limited resources and then later find out that you don’t have any paying customers to show for your efforts.

4. Do it once and then forget about it.

You do not need to do it again. Your ad is so spectacular that everybody will be remembering it for many years to come.

Wrong! Frequency is the key to any successful marketing campaign. If you want to be recognized and remembered, be sure to run your color printing ad not just once but believe it or not, more than 6 times. Studies have shown that consumers remember better when they see the ad 6 times or more.

These are just some of the no-nos when you run your ad campaign. If you want your ad to fail, then use these strategies and see how your business crash down quickly.

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