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Do you get a small smile each time someone asks to see your business card? Are you just waiting to bring it out and let them see? Are you truly proud of what you get to hand to people?

The answer to all of these questions should be yes, but for a lot of people, that isn’t the case.

Business cards can be a funny kind of thing when you really think about it. They are one of the cornerstones of marketing. They’re used so often, and so expected, that everyone has one. Most business owners wouldn’t be caught without a business card on them at all times.

But here’s the thing: because business cards are so commonplace a lot of people simply forget about how effective they can really be. They don’t care about whether or not their cards look great; they simply know they need to have one.

A business card can be the best form of marketing you’ll ever have if you take the time to really make them shine. Here are a few things to look for to know whether or not your card is really doing its job.

First, set down fifty business cards from different companies. Close your eyes, and then when you first open them see which cards draw your eye the most. Odds are good the ones with colors will attract you first, along with the cards that have pictures on them. Any unique style will jump out among all the other normal white cards with black lettering.

Next, ask yourself what kind of cards you’ve seen people handing out at tradeshows, and then try to remember which cards stood out to you. Was there one that you had to stop and look at twice? What was it about the card that caught your eye so much?

This is the foundation for making your card better. Once you know all the things that you like about other people’s cards you’ll be in a good position to take that information and use it to improve your own cards.

Now, if you aren’t sure about all the things you can do with your business card why not go to the place where you get your color printing done and ask them what kind of options they offer? You might discover something you’ve never seen anyone else do and you’ve never heard about before.

This is one of the best ways to get a card that will wow people and ensure you’ll be remembered long after you hand a person your card. And really, isn’t that the whole point of the business card? If your card isn’t memorable than it isn’t really serving the best function that the business card has.

Next time you hand something a card, be proud of what you give them.

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Comments on: "Be Proud of Your Business Card" (1)

  1. workforce8 said:

    This article is so true. For people that are confused about where to go, you should check out the site I used. It’s a company called mind2print.com and they actually did a really good job on my design and print. They were pretty cheap too. I used to have cards from a free print company but I’m actually proud to hand these out now. Hope it helps!

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