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It’s really quite amazing when you think about the potential that poster has. Really, it can advertise better than any form of advertising out there for far less money if you really know the area you’re working with.

I mean, think about it. If you placed a poster up in a location that fits perfectly for your customer base, that same poster could be working as a great advertising tool for long after you initially put it there. If you got lucky enough it might remain up for over a year, and that entire time you have a means of reminding customers about who you are and encouraging them to come in.

Every other kind of advertising is based on the premise of handing it to people for them to read. Whether or not they keep it or pass it on to friends is solely at their discretion.

Even television advertisements are limited by the time frame of the advertising and of course the costs it takes to both make and implement them.

None of this applies to a poster. The right design and right location can be all it takes to draw out the full potential of a poster to be advertising for a very long time. The primary issue a lot of companies seem to have is in doing the needed research to really make those posters do their job.

After all, I’ve said that if the design is right and if the poster is in the right location it can do a wonderful job. But then, if you don’t have a poster that appeals to your customer base or if you put it someplace they don’t frequent than you won’t get much of any worthwhile sales for your time.

The biggest part of poster comes from the research done before you ever have your posters made up. This is when you need to decide what kind of language and images will jump out at people the most. And this isn’t about making a poster that appeals to everyone, because such a thing simply doesn’t exist.

That is why you need to know who it is that you’re targeting. The same goes for where you end up putting the poster. Once again, there is no single location that everyone goes to. No matter how popular a place is you might not be attracting the right crowd if you didn’t research where it is they spend their time.

For the small business with a small marketing budget, all of this becomes very important. After all, time is the biggest cost of poster printing, not money. If you’re willing to take the time to figure out who you’re trying to appeal to you can help get the most out of one of the cheapest forms of marketing.

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