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If you own a business, you have probably had brochures made, or at least thought about it. But do you realize that there are actually 5 different kinds of brochures? Not all brochures work equally well in every situation. You want to have the kind of brochure that will work for the purpose for which you want to use it.

Here is a rundown of each type to help you plan your next brochure printing project:

1. Support Brochures

These are not all that common these days, but they still exist. This type of brochure is used by salespeople when they are giving a presentation. They use a brochure to help them get their points across. Usually, the salesperson will hand out a brochure to each person in attendance, and they can follow along while the presentation proceeds.

2. Direct Mailing Brochures

When you send a brochure directly to a customer through snail mail, which is a direct mail brochure. Usually, you will send along some additional information (like a letter) with a direct mail brochure. A brochure can make the sale on its own, but when you send it in the mail, it is more effective if it is accompanied by more material.

3. Response Brochures

These are every business owner’s favorite brochures, because you give them to people who have shown interest in your business. That means that they are already interested, and the brochure is just there to seal the deal. Brochures that are made for this purpose should emphasize why your company is better than your competitors.

4. Check out Brochures

A good strategy is to print brochures that you leave on the counter next to the cash register. When people are paying for their purchases, they can pick up a brochure and learn more about your company or the products you offer. This is a good way to turn a one time customer into a regular. Make sure the brochure has an attractive, catchy front page or not many people will pick it up. It has to tell the customer something that he didn’t already know.

5. Drop-off Brochures

A drop off brochure is one that you leave with a customer after briefly meeting him. For instance, if you meet a potential customer in a hectic situation where there is little time to talk, you may leave your brochure with him. This will give him the information that you could not share in person. This type of brochure should include a great deal of information about your products or services. It should be thorough enough to tell the customer everything he needs to know about you, and why he should come to you for what he needs.

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