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Many companies still use regularly newsletters to keep in touch with their customers. They can help you keep your customers involved with your business, and keep you apprised of your customers’ needs at the same time.

However, sometimes it can get hard to come up with things to include in your newsletter. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind for your next newsletter printing.

1. Provide Information About your Employees

When people feel like they know the people who work for you, they are more likely to feel like part of your team. Making them feel like part of the team can lead them to use your products or services more often. After all, they are not only part of your team – they are the most important part.

2. Explain Your Sales Techniques

Yes, you can tell your customers how you are trying to get them to buy from you. This can be a great technique because you will get a lot of feedback from it. Many customers will contact you and tell you if your advertising techniques are effective or not. You may find that your strategy is not very conducive for your target customers.

3. Talk About Your Company Philosophy

Tell your customers about your business plans, goals, and strategies. Customers like to know that you are planning on growing, and being aggressive in trying to do so. They also like to let you know how they think you should go about growing your company, and getting ideas from customers is always a good idea.

4. Introduce New Customers or Employees

Whenever you have a new addition to your mailing list, feature them in your next newsletter. Additionally, whenever you add an employee to your payroll, introduce them to your customers by way of your newsletter printing. All of this adds to the customers’ feeling of being part of the team, and brings them to your door more often.

5. Frequently Asked Questions

An FAQ section can be a very good addition to your newsletter. Whenever you receive a question from more than one customer, add it to your FAQ section. And include your FAQ section in every issue of your newsletter. Customers love FAQ’s, and will probably look to them more than once.

6. Address Complaints

Do not be afraid to tackle customer complaints in your newsletter. Not only will it let your customers know what you are doing to address these issues, but it also lets them know that you are listening and are focusing on the things that matter to them.

7. Throw Out Ideas

Regularly include new company ideas in your newsletter, and ask for reactions from readers. You can also ask your readers to send in their own ideas for your business. Many of them will do so.

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  1. Good tips I really like #7 in fact I liked it so well I’m going to try it.
    Tony Harvey

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