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The key to using drinkware such as imprinted sport bottles, glasses, paper and plastic cups, and tumblers as an effective promotional product is to choose the right item for each event or promotion. Depending on the event, you could want a product that is elegant and has staying power compared to a product that is inexpensive and ideal for mass distribution. Understanding the various types, designs and styles of drinkware available in the promotional products industry will help you achieve the maximum return on investment on your drinkware promotions.

Sport bottles are an effective promotional product for achieving a favorable return on investment. Sport bottles have a high exposure meaning your logo can be seen at the gym, beach, park or office. People carry sport bottles many places exposing your logo to many others. This helps build brand awareness. Sport bottles can be inexpensive ranging from about one dollar for the average bike bottle; or, trendy to elegant such as polycarbonate bottles with flip top lids. Sport bottles offer great exposure of the logo since they have many uses, styles and shapes.

Glassware is another item that is available in many styles and shapes. Although not as versatile as sport bottles, glassware has great staying power and a high perceived value. Glasses can be used as a corporate gift with the name or logo etched on the glass. Imprinted glasses can also be used at banquets, charity events and restaurants with a laser etch or color screen print as the preferred method of decoration. Glassware also makes great souvenirs at colleges, school fund raisers, all with the logo imprinted on the glass. People appreciate glass sets and tend to keep a glass coffee mug, beer mug, wine glass, or Champaign flute at home or the office. The versatility of glassware gives this promotional product staying power thus keeping the logo in front of the user for a long time.

Just like glassware novelty cups and glasses offer the versatility of glassware creating a unique promotional product for casual events, parties and weddings. Putting a logo on a fun item like a light up glass or a glass with a stem such as palm tree or guitar is a great way to attract attention. Novelty stems can take the glassware design to the next level. Novelty cups and glasses add fun at any event while keeping peoples’ eyes on a brand name.

Paper and plastic cups do not have the staying power as glassware and sport bottles but are excellent for wide spread distribution. Imprinted paper and plastic cups can be walking billboards at sporting events, concerts and outdoor events. Sponsors can imprint their name and logo on both sides of the cup creating an inexpensive promotional product and effective branding tool.

Tumblers, although not generally used for wide spread distribution but make very effective branding tools. Imprinted tumblers are more fashionable than ever before due to the colors, styles and imprinting capabilities. Tumblers can be decorated with laser etch, screen print or epoxy domes with a four color process. The varieties of tumblers available in the promotional products industry are ideal for corporate gifts and building brand awareness in the automobile and financial industries.

Drinkware makes an effective promotional item for many occasions for a variety of industries. Understanding how imprinted tumblers, glasses and sport bottles can be used to build brand awareness will increase the return on the promotional product investment. When used properly, drinkware can be a very effective promotional item.

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