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5 Reasons to Have a Letterhead

If you are like me, you receive dozens of letters in the mail every month from companies of all kinds. Most of them include some fancy business logos and letterheads on the envelopes and on the content included inside. Some of them, however, do not. While I can’t say that I actually read most of this stuff, I am much more likely to open it if it has a professional looking letterhead. (more…)

7 Newsletter Marketing Tips

Many companies still use regularly newsletters to keep in touch with their customers. They can help you keep your customers involved with your business, and keep you apprised of your customers’ needs at the same time. (more…)

Tips for Business Greeting Cards

As your business adds more and more customers, make sure you collect some basic information about them, such as their mailing address.  That way, you can send out greeting cards to your customers.  Greeting cards can be a great way to entice these customers to come back to you for more business.  And there is nothing better than a loyal customer, right? (more…)

Brochure Marketing Tips

Many businesses use brochure printing as an effective way to get the word out about the company or a new product. If you’ve decided to use brochures as part of your marketing campaign, you have some research to do and decisions to make. (more…)

Using Drinkware To Promote Your Logo

The key to using drinkware such as imprinted sport bottles, glasses, paper and plastic cups, and tumblers as an effective promotional product is to choose the right item for each event or promotion. Depending on the event, you could want a product that is elegant and has staying power compared to a product that is inexpensive and ideal for mass distribution. (more…)

What Makes A Logo Successful?

We know logo designs are important. Logos are the symbols of your businesses and you display them more often–and in more places–than anything else associated with your efforts does. (more…)

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