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As much as people may like to think that the world of computers is going to remove the old styles of networking like business cards, it isn’t happening anytime soon. When you go to a party or conference the best thing you can have with you is a great business card. Here are some tips to make your cards memorable.

1. Include all the necessary information.

I know this seems obvious, but you’d be surprised at how often people fail to put on their cards all the basic details. Your name, your contact information, and your company name need to all be prominently displayed. If you have a company logo make sure to have that on there as well. The real reason to have a business card is to give someone a reminder about you when you aren’t around, so make sure they’re going to know exactly who you are.

2. A picture is worth a thousand words.

It may be a cliche but it’s also true. Just handing them a name isn’t nearly as memorable as an image of some kind. Show them something that has to do with your company by using a color business card. Or, if you really want to you can put a picture of yourself on the card as well. This helps if they can’t quite place your face when they read your name. I’ve had that happen plenty of times when I can’t really remember what the person looked like.

3. Don’t get creative with the size.

You want a business card to be memorable, but not when it comes to the size of the card. Because most business cards are the same size there are various holders designed specifically for them. Even wallets have pockets meant to hold credit cards and business cards. If your card isn’t the right shape it won’t fit in any holders, and it won’t encourage people to keep it around.

4. Describe your business on it.

Don’t go into a lengthy description, of course, but why not have a sentence that explains what your company does? Quite often a company name isn’t very informative. I’ve received a number of business cards with odd company names and when I look at it again months later I can’t quite remember what they even do. A short sentence describing your company is a great way to jog a person’s memory.

5. Give them something they’ll remember

Unfortunately on this one I can only offer you so much advice because a lot of what makes a card memorable is how it relates to your particular business. Figure out some creative look that will relate to your company. Maybe if you’re into hardware have the outer edge of the card be a mini ruler. This not only keeps the card on a person’s mind but also helps them remember exactly what kind of industry you’re involved in.

6. Make your card as accessible as possible.

It isn’t odd for people to speak multiple languages just as it isn’t odd to be doing business with different countries. Unlike in the past, international business deals are becoming more and more common. Consider who you think you’re going to be working with and consider having multiple languages on your card. You’ll certainly impress others with your ability to relate the card specifically to them.

For more information, check out Business Card Design and the Stationery Design Gallery.

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