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How powerful is a postcard and its design?

Picture your client. It’s her birthday, and she’s expecting a lot of cards from her friends. She goes to open her mailbox to see if her brother from Toronto sent a card or her jet-setter cousin jet-setter sent her a letter.

Maybe she finds them, maybe she doesn’t, but what she also finds is a postcard from you: “Dear Anne, Happy Birthday! We want to be part of this special day so we are giving you a free facial, for every shiatsu full body massage. Your Friendly Neighbor, Body Works.”

The results could be arguable, but the postcard raises more possibility that Anne or any of your client would find the invitation more motivating. The postcard has the upper hand in of generating a more positive response than, let us say a flyer or a poster.

Even when used on a more general basis such as holidays or even for promos and events, postcards would prove to be a most effective tool. So, design your postcard to mean something. Make it professional enough to be trustworthy and personalized enough to know your business understands their needs.

The Keys to Positive Responses

This is the key to winning customer confidence and getting a higher response rate. Direct-mail advertising can be very effective when done properly. Remember these following suggestions:

1. Be Intimate. Don’t be too obvious.

• The goal is turn your postcard into a friendly and personalized greeting. An intimate postcard is more pleasant than any other run off the mill type. This will increase its chances of it being opened and read.

2. Make the client feel important.

• If it is an invitation to an event, be sure to include “exclusive” invitation and the rest of the details. If the client is already a regular customer, you may include a short note at the back that says: “I personally figured that you like to ________.”

3. Include one-time, coupons or discounts that are time limited.

• This strategy urges your client to act now. You may give a discount for a minimum purchase of certain items, offer an exclusive giveaway an item for every purchase, or inform them about your loyalty card with so and so benefits. Encourage purchases with rewards.

4. Originality is always in

• Make the picture in your postcard interesting. Your clients are not interested in how you can enlarge your logo or design your name. What they want to see are the benefits your service or your product can do for them. Make the picture of your postcard about the product or the services themselves.

5. Never ever forget your contact information.

• Nor should you carelessly forget to include details as to how they can order or avail of your service. Direct them to your website for additional information or ask them to visit you in your store.

Postcards are designed to build goodwill between you and your clients. It takes more effort to be personal or intimate but the rewards are far greater than just profits. The reward is a lifetime partnership with trust and reliable. So get your postcard design to work for you now.

More tips and can be found at http://www.mypostcardprinting.com/

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